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Projectdisney – Day4/Week 2 – Favourite Song

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"Panning, slow shutter, stopping down, tracking, spraying and praying — call it what you like, but this technique has slowly become big in the surf photography world. Panning using a slow shutter speed was deemed somewhere along the line as a “speed blur.”

Although gaining popularity in recent years, this effect is nothing new. Photography greats were using this technique almost 100 years ago, and guys like Ernst Haas from the 1940s really pushed the boundaries of slow shutter panning.” - Chris Delorenzo

See more from Chris at ChrisDeLorenzophoto.com, and follow him on Instagram @chris_delorenzo.

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"I didn’t even try to love you, it just happened."

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Behind the Scenes: Zoe Saldana for Ocean Drive Magazine

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